about me:
Hello !! My name is Scarlett :)
I'm a french/german girl and plush artist <3
I'm just graduated high school but i started a small business as I love making plushies and being in this community !!!
I hope you like my projects so feel free to look around :)

some of my plushies

if you would like to order a plushie, please contact me via email or instagram direct messages !!
as i don't have a shop yet, you can just send me a picture/the post of the plushie you would like to have, the size you want it to have and the color(s).
everything is "made to order", so it might take several days until it'll be shipped out.
if i happen to have a stock, it'll be indicated in the post and the stock will be shown in the gallery right next to this !! :) <3